About us

About us

SAFINA, a.s. has a long tradition in the complex processing and manufacture of products from precious and nonferrous metals. SAFINA is a company with significant influence and scope in the European, North American, and Asian markets.

About us

Product lines

Dental alloys with precious-metal content, alloys for metal ceramics and amalgams, solders for soldering dental alloys, including alloys for metal ceramics. Distributed through the company’s own network of sales outlets.

Contacts, solders, alloys with precious-metal content, wires, sheet metal, targets and anodes made of precious metals.

Our network of sales outlets stocks a wide range of semi-finished products for jewellery (jewellery alloys and solders, wires, sheet metal, granulated metal, mechanisms and chains), buys jewellery materials and waste and transforms this into new goods.

The production of sputtering targets made of precious and base metals intended for spraying metals on a variety of surfaces, the production of technical and decorative plate metal, the production of CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R and the plating of various components and parts for the electrical and motor industries. Consultancy in the area of spraying metals.

The production of thermocouples, equipment intended for the homogenisation and shaping of glass in the glassmaking industry and platinum laboratory instruments.

Chemical compounds containing Ag, Au and platinum metals, catalysts on a Pd/C base and solutions for plating baths.

Rivets made of Fe, Al, Cu and other alloys and surface zinc or brass plating.

Nitric acid
The destructive and non-destructive redevelopment of nitric acid units and re-extracting precious metals.

Buying and processing materials and waste with precious-metal or non-ferrous-metal content, for example: materials and waste for dental purposes and jewellery, old coins and jewellery, used chemicals and plating slime with precious-metal content, industrial catalysts with precious-metal and Cu content, industrial waste with precious-metal content, autocatalysts, motherboards for computers, connector pins, etc.


Mission of SAFINA is to develop new advanced technologies, materials and components based particularly on precious metals that can bring new results when applied in numerous industries where its products and technologies are used, mainly in precious metal refining and recycling, metallurgy, glass, electronic and semiconductor industries, healthcare and fast growing applications of advanced metal powders and materials for additive technologies.

SAFINA is striving for sustainable growth following main strategic goals in the fields of:

  • acquiring sustainable and adequate sources of raw material and materials for recycling
  • continuous development of new technologies in precious metal processing and advanced material production
  • long-term and close relationship with our customers on development of custom made solutions in specific field of their businesses
  • systematic training of our staff and building a knowledge base in specific areas of our business

Company history

The company dates back to 1860, when founder Georg Adam Scheid entered the family jewellery-making business in Austria, subsequently opening the G. A. Scheid refining plant in Vienna in 1888. The latter company then opened an independent enterprise in Prague in 1920. Scheid’s refining plant worked with gold and silver waste, producing pure metals from it and subsequently manufacturing and selling semi-finished products made of precious metals for jewellery and dental needs. After the Second World War, the plant was placed under the national administration of Příbram Ore Mines on 14 May 1945. There, it took its place alongside another ten precious-metal refining plants following nationalisation in 1948. It was at that time that the production of platinum laboratory instruments, contacts for the electrical industry, copper and copper alloy film and AgNO3, the electrolysis of silver and many other technological procedures.

A new, independent national enterprise called SAFINA was founded on 1 January 1950, the company involved mainly in refining, testing and processing precious and rare metals, plating with precious and rare metals, the production of metal powders, the manufacture of laboratory apparatuses and instruments and the acquisition of precious metals. SAFINA was first operated as a national metallurgy enterprise after 1989, before being privatised on 30 April 1992. The company became a production and commercial organisation that gradually concentrated its work on production programmes and services that were structured in relation to separate product lines.

Since 2000 SAFINA, a.s. has a significant influence and scope in European, North America and Asian markets.


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