• alloys for removable dentures (ISO 6871);

    a cobalt-chrome dental alloy with extreme durability. Used in the construction of removable replacements. Supplied in the form of cast rolls. Does not contain nickel or any other elements that are detrimental to health.

  • alloys for metal ceramics (ISO 9693);

    Oralium Ceramic.
    a dental alloy on a cobalt and chrome base for metal ceramic work. Does not contain nickel or beryllium. This is an alloy with extremely high durability that stands out due to its extremely good resistance to corrosion and its biocompatibility. Its thermal expansion coefficient allows Oralium Ceramic to be joined to almost all standard ceramic materials and other faceting materials on a plastic and composite base. Crowns and bridges, big and small, can be made using this alloy.

  • materials for fixed dentures, unrefined metals (ISO 16744);

    a silver, replacement dental alloy with low durability that is used for simple root inlays with supragingival localisation of the contact with dentine when making crown superstructures using non-metal materials. It is supplied in the form of cast iron. The alloy is not capable of hardening.

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  • Safargam Special
  • Safargam NG2
  • Safargam Plus
  • Safargam Dentis 60

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  • intended for the preparation of dental amalgam;
  • its properties meet the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 24234 standard.

    We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information. Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail.

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