Compliance policy

Compliance policy

SAFINA, a.s. ("Company") is a Czech based company with a comprehensive production programme in the field of recycling, processing and manufacturing products made of precious and non-ferrous metals. The Company's activity builds on a long-standing tradition since 1860 and strategically concentrates on developing new production programmes and technologies, environmentally-friendly approaches and sustainable development, with its eminent focus on legitimate and ethical sources and ensuring that they are not associated with crime, armed conflicts or human rights abuses of any kind.

In 2016 the Company introduced and adopted this Corporate Policy on Responsible Supply Chain of Precious Metals ("Corporate Policy"), being a supply chain policy based on the model policy as set out in Annex I and Annex II to the OECD Guidance and the LBMA Guidance. This Corporate Policy sets out the Company's responsibility for conducting risk based due diligence, screening and monitoring of Company transactions and the internal governance of persons and corporate bodies involved in purchasing, supplying, refining or other transactions of the Company associated with 3TG.

This Corporate Policy is publicly available on and applies to all employees, officers, directors and bodies within the Company. By complying with the procedures and principles described in this Corporate Policy, we, the Company, demonstrate our commitment to respecting human rights, cultivating transparent supply chains and to avoiding contributing to conflict through our sourcing practices.

The Company will not tolerate any failure of responsible persons involved in the 3TG metals supply chain to comply with this Corporate Policy, and any breach of this Corporate Policy may result in appropriate legal action by the Company.